A plug-n-play system for monitoring weather conditions on bike lanes and small roads. EXPLORE


RoadWIS Bike is a stand-alone weather station powered by solar panels. Bike is available through a rental model in which you get all the benefits of hyper-local weather data while we take care of everything else.

Annual subscription

The annual subscription includes service, repairs and replacement of sensors in the event of malfunction.

Integrated with Vejvejr

Data from RoadWIS Bike is integrated directly with Vejvejr.

API access

Data can also be integrated with your systems through our API.

Sensor overview

RoadWIS Bike comes with a set of standard sensors, with the option to add additional sensors to meet your needs. 

The standard configuration includes:

      Air temperature

      Relative air humidity

      Road temperature


Optional sensors include:

      Wind speed


Mobile and connected

RoadWIS Bike transmits local weather measurements using GSM bandwidth. Data is sent directly to VejVejr or your application via API. 

Historical weather data

All weather measurements are stored historically in the cloud, forever. You’ll be able to document all your actions with local precision whenever need be.

Hyper-local precision

Know exactly when and where deploy your salter, sander and plower personnel. This will help you avoid excessive and costly fleet depletions. 

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